About Us

Dojo Church is very much a come as you are church. No suit, no tie, no karate gi? No problem. The teaching pastor will probably be wearing jeans and you are invited to dress comfortably as well.

Our mission is simple, to bring people to Jesus, the way, the truth and the life. We will accomplish that mission by being the church and not just going to church; by loving God and loving others unconditionally.

  • We believe in One God, the Father, the Almighty the Beginning and the End, the Creator and Sustainer of all.
  • We believe in One Son, Jesus Christ, of eternal existence and divine nature sent as human, via a virgin birth, to teach, fellowship with us, reveal the Father, identify with us, suffer, die, and be resurrected as a means of salvation for all mankind.
  • We believe in One Holy Spirit of eternal existence and divine nature sent as an active helper for the followers of Jesus. He gives gifts to believers, comfort to the hurting, help when we pray, and strength for Godly living.
  • We believe The Bible is the authoritative, inspired Word of God, filled with encouragement from Him, guidance from Him, correction from Him, and fellowship with Him.
  • We believe the Church is responsible to non-followers as the witness of the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Jesus Christ.
  • We believe the Church is responsible to believers as an instructor for personal spiritual growth and a place for maturing through community and relationships
  • We believe the Church and its leaders are called to equip the believers for their responsibility in ministry within the Church and in the World.
  • We believe Jesus Christ will return to gather all believers to Himself for eternity.
  • We believe Satan is active in his opposition to the work of the Church and the spiritual growth of all believers but is ultimately defeated by and subject to Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that Jesus instituted two ordinances for the Church, Believers Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
  • We believe that, as believers, we have direct personal communication to God through the power of prayer (priesthood of the believer) and access to His presence through the sacrifice of Jesus.

As followers of the Way, we are first and foremost the bride of Christ, married to Jesus our Lord.